Invest in YourSelf – The Best Soft Skill

Have you ever thought that you are a brand. The “Brand You”. You are constantly selling this brand to the world – your employer, your interviewers, your boss, your colleagues, your subordinates, your spouse, your friends, your kids and everyone else. Unfortunately most of this “Brand You” has developed by default sans any pre-planned design. You have been investing most of your TEEM ( Time, Energy, Efforts and Money ) for everything else than shining this most important possession you have got.

You are required to continuously update, upgrade, repackage and relaunch “brand you”. In India, we grow up with the parental advice – “If you study hard now, you’ll able to enjoy life later” . And, you take it literally. The purpose of all the education you have is only and only to provide you with a launching plate form. To get you your first job. If you have worked at more than one organization you will know this. Except the interview for your first job in no other interview they ask questions form your syllabi. They ask questions from real life situations.

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Along with your first job a new life starts and you need to prepare yourself for it by investing your TEEM in yourself. Sorry to reveal – You parents Lied to You ( may be they just didn’t know ). You have to decide where you want to be after 5, 10 or 15 years?  What you need to be, to be there ? Start your journey towards what you ought to be by investing your TEEM in yourself, in your skills, education, languages, personality, attire, exposure, technology and whatever it is.

This is the difference between an employee and the employer. Employer invests in his business, employee does not. Rather, mostly employee does not even take his work as his business. If you are an employee, you need to take your work as your business, develop yourself to do your business in best possible way. Apart from Time, Energy and Efforts, you need to keep a fix percentage of your income for business development ( promoting “Brand You” ).

Don’t wait for your organization to arrange any developmental programs for you. Assume driving seat of your future and write it yourself.

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See “Invest in Yourself” Workshop Module Here & Contact to Attend.

I shall be writing separate articles on how you can invest in all four TEEM dimensions. Meanwhile your questions are welcome here…

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