Lesson From Geeta : You are a King and Your Mind is your Army

Geeta Vikas Vats

 There was this king with his colossal army. The army was impeccable and won dozens of war for the king. This war was special as the opponents were almost double in number. The King was worried this time. At last, the strategy of the Army Chief and the power of the army prevailed and the King had another feather in his cap.

There was no end to King’s delight and in this mood he promised Army Chief to grant any wish he wanted. The Chief replied “With your mercy I have everything I could think, But there is only one thing I can never have. If you are happy my lord, then make me the king for one day”.

The wish did not amuse the King but he had to keep his words. The Chief was made King for one day.

No prize for Guessing the first order he gave ? Hang the actual King.

You are that king and your Mind is your Chief. If you can control your mind, you can conquer anything your want. You can win all wars and achieve anything. If you let your mind control you, You are doomed.

Our mind ( the software part of the brain ) works on two simple principles. Survival and Immediate Gratification. It is just not programmed for planning, strategizing and delay of gratification. Which is must to live the kind of life you’ll like to live.

Most of the times we know what is good for us, what has to be done for what we want. Its the difference between knowledge and action that that is keeping us. We all know regular exercising is good for us, but how many of us are able to do it? The course we wanted to do, book we wanted to write, business we wanted to do, skill we wanted to develop, hobby we wanted to pursue might be some of the endless examples.

The revolution in information technology has mitigated the importance of knowledge. All gyan is available on finger clicks. The one who can implement shall prevail. The one who has the control to concentrate all energies, focus all efforts shall achieve. Today is the time for “Karma Yoga”.

Never in the history was such a wonderful time to show the world what you are capable of. You just need to be better than others and your can show it. You cut grass, but wonderfully, and people will stop on the road to click your park and upload. The world will know here lives a person who is the best grass cutter.

Fix your goals, focus your mind, concentrate all your efforts and you will get it.