The Power of -1 ( Minus One ) in Learning and Development

During my long stint of more than 1000 trainings I have been enormously interested in finding out why and how people learn and why they won’t. Based on my observations I have coined a term “The Power of -1” . Minus One has two very interesting properties. If multiplied by biggest possible positive number, it converts it to negative and if multiplied by biggest possible negative number, it converts it to positive.

I have been using this technique in my personal life, in my trainings and teaching to my participants.

learning and development

No matter what I teach in a training or any participants may already know, only one doubt in his mind will make all the gyan useless. It will clutter his mind and give enough reasons to not to act on any of the knowledge he possesses. This doubt may be something like “It sounds good in theory but in practical life……” OR “If this is how it is then …..” OR “ This may be okay for others but we are different …..” OR “ hard work is ok but some people do have good luck…”.

The doubts are like dirt on all precious knowledge we may possess. It covers all the gems of wisdom and promotes inaction. Specially to the people who don’t have enough will power to change, doubts give sufficient reason to lay supine. Since the time I started devoting time to remove this dirt, I could see palpable results. Not only the trainings became more effective I am seeing more and more participants discussing during breaks, asking for contact details for individual sessions and increased queries through mails – depicting more interest in learning and putting that in action.

Interestingly I have devised a way to use this power of -1 for good. People usually talk about negative or not so supporting environment, boss, juniors etc. I use the power of -1 to convert this negativity to positive. Negative environment only means less competition for me. Instead of saying “ My boss never appreciates” I say “ I need to learn more on how to get appreciated” and I’ll read some good books, google on it and consult some expert. Any atonement shall be handy with many more people, throughout my life. My juniors are never useless, its me who has to upgrade “How to get work done” skills. That may also work in getting my kids study harder.

This is a simple change of perception. Abundance of energy is already there, but working against you, use power of “sublimation” to make it work for you, to motivate you and challenge you.

Hope you will enjoy converting all negative energies to positive using power of minus one.

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Vikas Vats