Premium Corporate Trainings

Premium TrainingsPremium Corporate Training Modules developed by Vikas Vats and his team.


These are specially developed training modules and interventions for corporate, schools and professionals. These are  brillient amalgamation of Vats’s Experience from 1500 trainings, Extensive Research Work from his team and Participants FAQs, Needs & constraints.

Feb 2017

NLP Program by Vikas Vats is a Life Changing event. Be ready to launch next version of you [ YOU@2.1 ] if you are attending this program....

Take Aways...
⇒A brand new personality
⇒Ability to influence / change self and others
⇒Excellence in professional life
⇒Ability to attract others and form immediate rapport
⇒Always motivated, no fear / depression / phobia or any other negative emotion.
⇒Ability to see positivity and possibilities everywhere
⇒Ability to change /

Vikas Vats has trained hundreds of Corporate Trainers and Master Trainers. Master Trainers trained by him have trained 1000s of trainers all over India. He is also helping Govt of India in Skill India Project by creating Master Trainers. You can opt for a train the trainer program by Vats's Master Trainers or by Vats himself.

Core of Train the Trainer program is the fact that entirely different skills are

"The Master Skills" is Vikas Vats Flagship Training Program......
Read below what Vats himself has to say about "The Master Skills"...

Why Master Skills
 by : Vikas Vats

During the course of my over 1500 training programs to over 300,000 participants I realized that there are some questions most of them would ask. Irrespective of their age, location, qualification, level or experience, they all had some common issue.

“I want to upgrade my qualification”


Why Result Oriented Communication Skills Training ...

Effective Communication Skills gets results. Ineffective communication leads to misalignment and poor performance. Project delays, cost overruns, poor quality of service, customer dissatisfaction, low employee morale, increased stress and a host of other problems at work and in personal lives are often the result of poor communication.

Due to the important role that communication plays in performance and well-being, there is a need to

Nov 2016