Why Result Oriented Communication Skills Training …


Effective Communication Skills gets results. Ineffective communication leads to misalignment and poor performance. Project delays, cost overruns, poor quality of service, customer dissatisfaction, low employee morale, increased stress and a host of other problems at work and in personal lives are often the result of poor communication.

Due to the important role that communication plays in performance and well-being, there is a need to supplement and fine-tune one’s natural abilities with a structured, proven approach to honing communication skills.

The program on ‘Result-oriented Communication Skills’ has been designed to meet this need.


  1. Learn to start your communication with Result in Mind and achieve it.
  2. Build better rapport and gain the trust of your colleagues.
  3. Be able to communicate clearly sans ambiguity or misinterpretation.
  4. Influence and motivate others to peek performance.
  5. Identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in your work communication
  6. Acquire skills to communicate with precision, logic and rationale.



  1. Ice Breaking.
  2. Communication Exercise.
  3. The Science Behind Result Oriented Communication.
    1. The Science
    2. The Art
    3. The Art of Scientific Communication
  4. Drawing Strategies for Results before starting Communication.
  5. Test Your Communication Skills – questionnaire and Game.
  6. 12 basic and Advanced Result Oriented Communication Skills, Including..
    1. Dos
    2. Don’ts
    3. Musts
    4. Plethora of Skill Practice
  7. Instruction Giving Skills for Accurate Results.
  8. Mind Games Videos
  9. Delegation Skills that give Results.
  10. Empathetic Listening.
  11. Making Others take Ownership of the Work.
  12. Email Etiquettes for faster and better Communication.
  13. Action Planning.