Vikas Vats’s Flagship Program for Teachers “The Master Skills for Teachers” is 1 or 2 Day Program. The complete program trains Teachers in Changing own and srudents’s Thinking, Beleives and Habits.
Take Aways


  • Learn to form habits that help you become an outstanding teacher.
  • Be able to motivate students to stretch, put in extra efforts, and challenge their limits.
  • Be able to train students on how they can motivate themselves when the chips are down.
  • Be able to train students on “Learn to Learn” so as to put their learning skills on Auto-pilot mode.
  • Learn to make best, optimized usage of brain and teach the same to students.
  • Learn why and how to invest in yourself to compete with changing times and keep teaching strategies relevant and ahead of time.
  • Help students form paying habits for Studies, Discipline, Attitude, Personality, Character and the World of Work
  • Be Time Intelligent, strike Work Life balance and help students make best of their time.
  • Help students leave non-effective habits like wastage of time on social media, in peer group, etc
  • Help students form Scientific Study Habits to learn faster, improve memory and score more marks.
  • Be able to make students love any subject.