Train the Trainer Course – VC’s Flagship Course

Vikas Vats Conducting Traine the Trainer Course

Vikas Vats’s Train the Trainer Course


Train the Trainer CourseIndia’s Most Compresensive Train the Trainer Course

 6 Months TTT Course to make you a Complete Corporate Trainer


Heartiest welcome and congratulations to your new journey towards unleashing yourself to become a World Class Corporate Trainer !! Being the anchors of your journey, we have designed this 6 months Train the Trainer course for you to experience an empowering voyage while we see you building your Glorified Future!!


Train the Trainer  Module
Learning Outcome of Train the Trainer Course
Hours to be Invested
Pre-Training Analysis 1.      Analyze and determine the areas of development in order to excel in the 20 core competencies for Corporate Trainer 2 hours demo training session
Behind the scene

1.      The Art of writing winning corporate training proposals

2.      Understanding the process of organizing a successful corporate training program

3.      Overcoming common pitfalls that arise while organizing a successful corporate training program

Completing 100 hours of corporate training with Mr. Vikas Vats
Self-Development Part 1

1.      Reading and Implementing learning from top 5 books recommended for the trainers

2.      Learning the art of selling oneself

100 hours

1.      How to promote oneself via online marketing (Blog, Vlog etc)

2.      Building content knowledge by attending trainings of minimum 5 different trainers

3.      Create public speaking platform to enhance verbal and non-verbal communication

50 hours
Designing a Corporate Training Program

1.      Develop a solid corporate training programme based on the result generated via need analysis

2.      Develop an effective training program using appropriate training aids and techniques

3.      Develop capacity to make reasonable adjustment in the training program owing to learning styles and adult learning principles

160 hours
Formative Assessment and Feedback Analysis

1.      Ability to record progress and objective feedback towards further advancement and growth

2.      Discuss and record areas of performance and efficiency up-gradation

80 hours
Corporate Training Execution

1.      Conducting competency based training program

2.      Conducting training activities with appropriate debrief and learning

3.      Recording, reporting and analyzing participants feedback

You Conduct 320 hours of training, Offered by VC, Best Part of Train the Trainer Program.
In-house Training Session 1.      Develop ability to undergo progressive and constructive in-house training with 360 degree feedback and self-evaluation

50 hours

(2- 3 hours per week commencing from week 4)

Self-Development Part 2

1.      Reread and develop book sessions on the recommended 5 books and thereby attain mastery in the books

2.      Extend the learning to top 10 books recommended for Corporate Trainers

90 hours
Post Training Analysis

1.      Excel in the 20 core competencies for Corporate Trainers

2.      Devising an Action Plan to develop Life Long Learning traits

8 hours concluding training session


Investment for 6 months Certification
INR 75000 HR Association India Certified Train The Trainer Programme


Key Points:

  1. The participant will be required to undergo 960 hours of Train the Trainer Programme, performing, recording and analyzing the 10 tasks as listed above.
  2. The Train the Trainer certification shall be provided only after the successful completion on the 10 tasks as listed above.

Added Benefits:

  1. Enrolling in this course makes the participant eligible for 50% discount on all other professional certification programme designed by Vats Consulting certified by HR Association India.
  2. The participant gets free empanelment in the PAN India Trainers Association of Vats Consulting post the completion of TOT programme
  3. Participant is eligible and authorized to conduct flagship corporate training programme designed by Vats Consulting post the completion of TOT programme
  4. Participant is ready to design, propose, seek approval and conduct their own Flagship programme with Vats Consulting Clientele post the completion of TOT programme


After the training programme, you will be able to:

  1. Conduct need analysis with outstanding pre-post assessment tools to design a perfectly customized corporate training module.
  2. Create an impactful, most strategic, value creating and successful online presence using various platforms (Blogs, Vlogs, SEO, SMO)
  3. Develop a solid corporate training programme with perfectly designed activities and debrief.
  4. Master the art of catering varied learning styles and captivate participants’ heart and mind.
  5. Develop automated marketing strategies to keep in constant touch with participants and send them automated mailers and sell them new courses. Yes everything automated!
  6. Develop and master in your niche market and own it.
  7. Create permanent Clientele for yourself and generate repeat corporate training programs.
  8. Become a champion in self-evaluation and develop objective strategies to achieve your goals.
  9. Learn tricks to become Celebrity Corporate Trainer and earn name, fame, client, power and money.