Train the Trainer

Vikas Vats has trained hundreds of Corporate Trainers and Master Trainers. Master Trainers trained by him have trained 1000s of trainers all over India. He is also helping Govt of India in Skill India Project by creating Master Trainers. You can opt for a train the trainer program by Vats’s Master Trainers or by Vats himself.


Core of Train the Trainer program is the fact that entirely different skills are required to “Learn” and “Make others Learn” . Highly knowledgeable and best performing person may not be able to disseminate his skills to others in best possible way. Train the Trainer program is designed to make “Training Others” strong suit of such potential trainers.


After attending train the trainer program the participants will :
  • Learn and understand fundamentals of Learning and training.
  • Learn how to make best Impression, Create Interest in Participants and motivate them for learning.
  • Learn Optimum Usage of various Training Tools
  • Learn Planning Sessions, Dealing with tough participants and Tricks of Most Experienced Trainers.
  • Start making their sessions involving, fun filled and Result Oriented.
  • Creating the “Wow Factor”.
 Contents :
  1. Introduction, Ice Breaking and Pre Training Preparations
  2. Understanding Participants’ Psychology
  3. Developing Learning Objectives
  4. Understanding How Adults Really Learn
  5. Different Learning Styles and How To Accommodate Them
  6. Combining Media To Make An Impact
  7. Handling “difficult” participants with ease
  8. How To Field Questions
  9. Using Training Tools : Games, Activities, Questionnaires, Presentations, Group Discussion, Lectures etc.
  10. Timing the Training with Brain Energy Levels / Learning Curve
  11. Brain-Compatible Training Techniques
  12. Preparing and Delivering an effective Presentation.
  13. The Do’s and Don’ts of Presenting
  14. Designing the Training : Covering All Contents of the Presentation.
  15. Closing a Training Session
  16. Managing the Classroom/Training room
  17. Physical & Mental Energizers
  18. How To Debrief an Activity
  19. Perfecting the Body Language- through video recording
  20. Perfect Ending to an Effective Training
  21. Making Action Plans and Monitoring Processes
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